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Continuous Learning

About Continuous Learning

About Continuous Learning

Do you have an idea for a professional development workshop, summer camp, or related event but don’t know where to start? 


As part of the Continuous Learning focus of the Office of Online and Continuous Learning, we’re seeking to partner with academic units to help with the design, development, and implementation of these types of experiences. We’ll handle the operations and logistics and let you make the most of your expertise and connections.


These experiences extend the awareness of AU’s academic programs and create an opportunity for further engagement with the institution – whether they’re future students in formal degrees, alumni who want to up-skill, or area professionals who want to remain current in their field. These are non-credit experiences.


Proposals for Continuous Learning programs will be initially reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Aligns with AU’s Mission and Vision

  • Directly relates to current degree programs at AU

  • Involves an online or hybridized learning experience

  • Advances awareness and reputation of AU’s academic programs

  • When applicable, leads to professional development credit (e.g., CEUs or PD hours) in a specific profession


The deadline to submit ideas for spring events is October 31st and December 19th for summer events.


Please contact Andria Carpenter (Director of Professional and Lifelong Learning) with questions. 


Submit application here.

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