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Faculty Learning Communities

The CIDL provides Anderson faculty and staff members with opportunities for group-based professional development through its Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs).


FLCs are structured peer groups engaged in active collaboration around a specific topic related to teaching and learning. The CIDL actively seeks recommendations and applications for the formation of FLCs. Please contact the CIDL if you're interested in creating your own FLC.


For the 2018-2019 academic year, the CIDL seeks to sponsor and support the development of several FLCs, which can be comprised of both faculty and staff members from across the institution. Each FLC will be provided with $500 by the CIDL. Each FLC team must have at least four members to be fully sponsored. 


FLCs are charged with sharing outcomes from their discussions and activities within our campus community (and beyond). Your product might include but is not limited to: a workshop, seminar, white paper summary of what your FLC learned to be hosted on the CIDL website, conference presentation, or journal article. 


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