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Master of Science Degree in

Instructional Design and Learning Technology

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Building on its reputation as a leader in innovative teaching and learning, an Anderson University M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology serves aspiring instructional design or technology professionals in industry, higher education, and K-12 environments.

The current high demand for graduates skilled in learning design and technology is driven by emerging modalities such as online and blended learning as well as ubiquitous technologies. Effective design and delivery using these tools requires a deep understanding of learning design to improve existing technology-enabled learning environments and create new ones.


This degree is coordinated and taught by staff in the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning, which encompasses a breadth of expertise and experience in this area, including its work in earning the Apple Distinguished School recognition and its emphasis on the purposeful integration of emerging technologies, design-based approaches, and future-oriented learning environments.

What can I do with it?

Graduates of the program can pursue employment in a host of contexts including teaching and administrative roles in K-12, higher education, and industry. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 10% growth in these roles across K-12 and higher education environments. The need for instructional designers and similar roles in higher education is also “increasingly important and sought-after in academe” according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.


An increase in the online and blended learning modality in K-12 and higher education environments in the state and region is part of the growing need for professionals who are able to design and deliver courses in these environments. Even outside just online or blended learning, the growth of one-to-one technology programs in districts have placed a need for trained staff and faculty at the building and district level.

Outside of higher education and K-12 environments, there is a growing need for instructional design expertise in healthcare and business. At hospitals and medical education institutions, there is a growing emphasis on teaching and learning. Many hospital systems and medical institutions have instructional design and teaching centers.  In business, there is 10% growth expected for training and development roles as companies seek to improve the performance and skill training for employees according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

10% expected job growth in this

area for education and business

What do I take?

Who teaches in this program?

Core (27 hours)

Instructional Design and Innovation

Designing Future Learning

Research Design & Methods

Learning Analytics

Mobile Learning

Online Learning

Issues and Trends

Program Development & Evaluation

Video and Media Production



(3 hours)


Learning Design Studio

Advisory Board

The IDLT degree has an active advisory board with representation from K-12, higher education, and corporate contexts. Learn more about those members.

Josh Herron, PhD - Program Director

Program Director

Dr. Josh Herron is the Dean of Online and Continuous Learning in the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning at Anderson University.

Katie Wolfe, PhD - Assistant Program Director

Assistant Program Director

Dr. Katie Wolfe is a learning experience designer and IDLT faculty in the CIDL.

Andria Carpenter, M.S.

Andria Carpenter is the Director of Professional & Lifelong Learning in the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning.

Benjamin Deaton, PhD

Dr. Ben Deaton is the Vice President of Technology, Online Learning, and Academic Innovation at Anderson University.

Laurie Hillstock, PhD

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Dr. Laurie Hillstock is the CEO of Hillstock and Associates, a technology and training development organization. She has previous experience leading digital learning initiatives in healthcare and higher education organizations as well as running leadership programming for the Online Learning Consortium (OLC).  

Chad Treado, EdD

Chad Treado is the Coordinator for Faculty Development as well as an Instructional Designer within the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning at Anderson University.

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