Makerspace FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a user of the Makerspace?

You can register as a Makerspace user by filling out this form:

Do I have to register as a user each time I want to use the Makerspace?

No, you need only to register once to use the Makerspace.

I'm outside of AU. Can I still use the Makerspace?

Yes! But we request that you register as a user once (found here: and then fill out a temporary user pass each time you visit campus (found here:

Does it cost any money to use the Makerspace?

• For personal projects on machines: We ask that students bring or purchase their own material to use in the machines. • For school projects on machines: There is no charge for using materials for school projects. • For personal use of spaces: There is no charge for using spaces for personal projects. • For school use of spaces: There is no charge for using spaces for school projects.

Is the Makerspace open on weekends?

Unfortunately, the Makerspace is not open during weekends. Although we hope to be able to offer this in the near future!

Do I have to be trained to use machines and spaces in the Makerspace?

While we do not require users to be trained in order to use machines and spaces in the Makerspace, we do highly recommend seeking training from student workers or CIDL staff. Online training courses are availble for certain machines, while others are available in person, on an ad hoc basis.

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