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2016-17 Program Innovators

Chotsani Dean

Exploring the use of digital technologies to reshape and enhance the traditional modes of ceramic and sculpture practices. Through the use of 3D Printing and Blended Course Design special topics courses that will serve the entire student population will be developed.

Diana Ivankovic

Exploring the use of stop motion video to support student learning for cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and metastases. 

James Motes

The development and adoption of ePortfolios embedded throughout a degree program. 

Valerie Owens

Development of Online Applied Computing in Business Program

Kent Saunders

Development of OER course materials for assessment in Financial Managment. 

Joanna Stegall, Meg Walworth, and Gary Mosley

Create an embedded Professional Development team and program within the College of Education focused on technological and pedagogical innovation.

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