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Media Services



The CIDL offers training to faculty in using iOS devices and other basic equipment to increase the ease and quality of media creation.  Faculty are instructed on proper media production techniques as well as editing and the usage of apps.  The smartphone and the iPad have drastically improved the accessibility and ease of media development.  This training aims to leverage these advances in the faculty's favor.



•  Greenscreen

•  Professional Camera (Panasonic DVX200)

•  Condenser and lavalier microphones

•  Tripods

•  Mounts for iPad and phones

•  Professional lighting

Software and Resources

•  Zoom Video Conferencing - a robust platform for video conferencing that supports recording and screenshare

•  Ensemble Media Server - a dedicated server hosting all media created by AU faculty

•  Ensemble Anthem - a program designed for easy screen and video capture with simple editing capabilities

•  Specialty editing - a full time media developer with access to Adobe Suite editing tools.

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