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Program Innovators

Launched in 2014, the MLI Program Innovators track supports future planning, academic transformation, and creativity in teaching and learning that are larger in scope than a single course. Program Innovators are charged with integrating technology in ways that make it an essential component of the learning experience rather than a supplement to it. Like the Teaching Fellows, faculty members participating in the Program Innovators track receive ongoing support from the CIDL.


The types of Program Innovator projects have been addressing key areas such as college affordability and accessibility through the creation of textbooks/course books using iTunes Author, the adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER), and the development of student assessment to replace those provided by publishers. Other projects include the creation of the Undergraduate Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modeling and the complete reshaping of the curricula within the Biology and Chemistry Departments.


Projects that are currently in development include the design and development of a technology-enhanced Makerspace and an effort within a College to develop its own professional development team that will focus on technology integration.

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