Faculty Snapshots

The M.S. IDLT faculty members are staff members in the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning (CIDL) and external practitioners in the field. Faculty are intentionally selected to ensure a practitioner-faculty model which provides students in the program with not only a knowledge of the field, but also serve as a practical resource for them. The M.S. IDLT practitioner-faculty members initially consisted of only staff members in the CIDL, but as the program grew and more sections needed to be offered, the program leadership recognized that gaining outside support from other practitioners was essential. 

While there are a vast array of specializations and contributions of all of the M.S. IDLT faculty members, here are some of highlights of faculty members that continually teach in the program.


Joshua Herron, Ph.D.

M.S. IDLT Program Director & Dean of Online and Continuous Learning

Dr. Herron saw the creation, development, and launch of the M.S. IDLT program. He has a robust background in education teaching both inside and outside the classroom as well as in traditional and online format. He has been instrumental in the design of courses within the program (IDLT 501, 511, 520, and 600) and teaching as well. Moreover, he has created numerous partnerships with local school districts and organizations which aids in the program’s continual growth.

Katie Wolf Headshot.jpg

Katie Wolfe, Ph.D.

IDLT Assistant Program Director & Learning Experience Designer

Dr. Wolfe’s expertise in Curriculum & Instruction has contributed to her role as the Assistant Program Director. She updated the course offerings and sequencing and aligned the 12-month and 20-month program rotations. Due to her background in research, she developed and redesigned IDLT 502, Research Design and Methods for IDLT. She teaches a variety of courses within the M.S. IDLT program.


Andria Carpenter, M.S.

Director of Professional & Lifelong Learning

As Director of Continuous Learning, Ms. Carpenter’s expertise centers on program development and adult education. She continues to use her background and knowledge to provide a practical lens for IDLT 512, Program Development and Evaluation.


Benjamin Deaton, Ph.D.

Vice President of Technology, Online Learning, and Academic Innovation 

Dr. Deaton began the CIDL as the sole instructional designer over a decade ago and has led the continual growth of this department. Moreover, he oversaw the creation and development of the M.S. IDLT program and continues to be instrumental in teaching and program growth.


Patrick Ford, M.S.

Learning Experience Designer & Maker and Media Specialist

Mr. Ford’s vast background in media development makes him a great asset to the M.S. IDLT faculty. As the current MakerSpace specialist he is well-versed in virtual reality, 3D technologies, STEM education, as well as video and media recording and editing.


Laurie Hillstock, Ph.D.

CEO of Hillstock and Associates & Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Hillstock brings vast experience to the M.S. IDLT program. She has led digital learning initiatives in healthcare and higher education organizations and has worked with leadership programming for the Online Learning Consortium (OLC).

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 11.02.40 AM.pn

Chad Treado, Ed.D.

Associate Director of the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning & Sr. Learning Experience Designer

Dr. Treado’s background in educational technology, and as a Learning Experience Designer at the CIDL, is a great asset to the M.S. IDLT program.  He has developed and continues to teach: IDLT 501, Designing Future Learning Environments and IDLT 522, Video and Media Production.

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