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Apps, Tools, and Equipment Extras

Equipment Extras


In addition to the media space, CIDL also has equipment available for check-out. One piece that is of great use is a high-quality tripod for steadying cameras or acting as an extra hand while you shoot with your iPad.

To reserve, stop by the CIDL and check one out (just like a library book!)

Universal Phone/Tablet Mount

Holds a large phone or iPad very well. Mounts to a tripod in two different configurations. To reserve, stop by the CIDL and check one out (just like a library book!)

Universal Phone Mount/Grip

Helps with shooting handheld or tripod mounted video on your phone. Also had mounts for lights, microphones, etc. To reserve, stop by the CIDL and check one out (just like a library book!)

Wired Lavalier Mic

Want better audio from your iPad videos? This lav mic will do the trick. Simply plug it into your headphone jack and hit record. To reserve, stop by the CIDL and check one out (just like a library book!)

LED Light

Mounts to a tripod or camera mount. Rechargeable so you don't have to worry about batteries. Also comes with color gel filters to adjust for ambient light. To reserve, stop by the CIDL and check one out (just like a library book!)

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Tools and Sites

Campus Tools and Resources

Anderson University has a host of places available to help you create media for your courses. 

Sign up for the One Button Studio to record presentations with just the press of a button, literally.

Contact the CIDL or your professor to check out equipment or use media spaces.

Sound Effects and Music

Make your project great with free, open-source sound effects (most require a free account). Please also take note of the usage licenses associated with any sounds or music you use.  For more on that, please click HERE.


YouTube Creator  Studio Music Library



Other Tools

Please note that the CIDL does not provide support for softwares such as these that are external to AU.


Create GIFs from YouTube videos or other files using

Create static and advanced dynamic QR Codes at

Record video instantly with your Web-browser here:

Merge PDFs right in your browser:

Library of Congress Digital Media:

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Apps for Media Creation and Editing



Anchor is a FREE, super easy-to-use podcasting service that handles everything from creation, branding, and distribution. You can even get paid and sponsored through your podcasts. Anchor is available in a browser, iOS, and Android.

Spark Video by Adobe


Sign in with your AU credentials under Enterprise ID to get access to a wonderful little video editor to make smooth videos with titles and text. Choose from templates or make your own. Available as an app or in a web-browser.



iMovie is a great, free video editing app for iPad and iPhone that makes it easy to add titles, credits, transitions, music, sound effects, and more to any combination of videos and photos.

Video Teleprompter Lite


While it offers a paid version with ability to import scripts from other apps, the lite version is still very powerful.  Allows for reading a script off of the iPad while recording video with your iPad. At the end of recording, the text is removed and the final video file is saved to your video library.

Touchcast Studio


TC Studio is a production powerhouse.  It gives you the ability to pull windows alongside your video in interact with them in real-time.  It also has a greenscreen, teleprompter, and you can have mutliple video and audio sources. The best way to see what is has to offer is to download it and explore.



While we don't endorse any content on this app, we definitely like the editing capabilities! It's a meme generator, plain and simple! Get creative with your discussion posts!

Video Cut by Zheng Weijie


Need to cut up or trim a single video clip?  This no-frills editor is just what you're looking for.

Video Crop by Zheng Weijie


Need to crop a video to a specific size or only a certain area?  This super-simple app is for you.

Video Compress by Zheng Weijie


If you're running out of space or just need to make a video smaller or lower resolution, this super-simple app is for you. 

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Spark Post by Adobe


Create amazing social media posts with ease using Spark Post.  Text, pictures and curated themes are right at your fingertips.  Use it to make your discussion posts in Canvas stand out from the crowd - or maybe for your Instagram?

Anchor Podcasting

FREE is a fantastic app and web-based product the helps you easily create, distribute, and market your own podcast. It's free to use and is loaded with great features. Anyone can do it. Literally.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch


Similar to Adobe Illustrator Draw, Sketch lets you work in layers, and when combined with the Apple pencil, gives you a powerful art studio in your hands.  It has perspective tools as well that let you frame your artistic sketch before you start.

Adobe Illustrator Draw


Paired with the Apple Pencil, this app will let you draw or import into layers that are both solid and transparent.  Use it for logo creation, doodling, annotating an image, or coloring in a black and white icon.  It's intuitive and very powerful - best of all, it's FREE!

GoPro Splice


While similar to iMovie, it could be argued that Splice is easier to use.  It allows for multiple tracks of audio and includes a variety of filters and transitions.  It's a simple, powerful little video editor.



Create tunes and record audio with this fun, easy to use app from Apple.  It can become as simple or as complex as you need it to be.  From multitrack recording to simple voiceovers, it can do it all. Use on board or external mics as well.

Belkin Stage Pro/Free Version


Belkin Stage brings us the ability to record what we draw or demonstrate, either on a white-board, map, or even live video.  It's a handy little app for just about everyone who needs to explain something.  Very similar to Explain Everything except its free! (Although there is a paid version as well that unlocks even more features)

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