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One Button Studio

The One Button Studio at Anderson is an automated video production site for faculty and students located in the Whitmire Room in Thrift Library. No experience with media production is needed. All students and faculty need to do is insert a flash drive, press the "one button," and begin their presentation. When finished recording, press the "one button" again, and the system compresses the video file to an .mp4 that you can then take with you on your flash drive.


Students can…


  • Record oral presentations for practice or class assignments

  • Record mock interviews

  • Rehearse monologs or presentations

  • Record video as component of larger class projects


Faculty can…


  • Record course introductions, lectures, and more for online courses or blended classes

  • Record demonstrations


Please use the library's room reservation system to schedule a time to use the studio. Reserve the Whitmire Room.

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