Program Goals, Objectives, and Alignment

In Spring 2018, the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning established an advisory board for the M.S. IDLT degree. Representatives met on campus for an initial meeting and echoed a significant need for this type of degree and the ability of Anderson University to fill the gap. Development of program goals and course objectives were made in consultation with the advisory board. Representatives come from local K-12 districts, corporations, and higher education; all work in instructional design and learning technology or oversee staff who do. The following are the M.S. IDLT program objectives:


Graduates of the M.S. IDLT program will be able to…

  • Apply best practices in instructional design to solve authentic instructional design problems and challenges. 

  • Develop instructional materials by applying instructional design theory and principles with the support of instructional technology.

  • Integrate and evaluate emerging technologies and modes of learning in support of desired learning outcomes.


Each program goal is assessed throughout the program. Assessment of program goals are embedded in each course. See Program Effectiveness section for more details.

Program Alignment to Professional Standards

Further, the program is designed to align with Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) initial standards; International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for coaches; and South Carolina Online Teaching Endorsement requirements. The table below identifies where each external standard is assessed.

M.S. IDLT Course

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