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Video Shooting Basics

Now that you have a script, guide, or idea, it's time to start shooting some footage.

Gear Up

Because AU is a 1:1 Apple Distinguished School, professors and students don't need to have a dedicated camera to shoot great footage.  The iPad is a wonderful way to shoot your footage. Please see this page to get some ideas about how to use your iPad to shoot video using extra equipment, apps, and resources.

  • I'm running out of storage on my device. What should I do?
    This is a common problem. We have several solutions to help you increase and manage storage on your device: 1. Decrease the record resolution on your device. 2. Use cloud storage apps like GDrive or Dropbox. 3. Compress the size of the video by using a compression app like Video Compress. 4. Buy an external drive that plugs into your device like Leef.
  • What are the basics of shooting video?
    While the device and equipment may change, the techniques used to shoot video stay the same. Whether you're using a $3000 camera or an iPad, these are techniques anyone can use to create amazing video. See the video below for some quick tips:
  • How can I submit a video to my professor?
    Ask your professor since each professor has their own method of doing things, but the university's recommend way of doing this is to upload it to your AU Google Drive account (either using the app or on the web), and then share it with your professor by typing in their email address. Please see this video for a guide to doing this with an iOS device.
  • How can I make a video of my screen on my iOS device or my computer?
    For iOS devices, the easiest way is to use the screen record feature found in iOS 11 and above. For an article on how to do this, click here. For you Mac and Windows computers, AU has a dedicated program called Ensemble Anthem to help create video using any combination of screen, voice, and webcam. Minor editing tools are also built right in. Currently Anthem is only available to faculty.
  • What is video orientation? How should I use it?
    When filming video, it is most common to film in landscape orientation (horizontal). However, the increase use of phones and tablets has also brought on the popularity of shooting in portrait orientation (vertical). For proper playback and display later on, we always recommend shooting in landscape orientation (horizontal), which is the traditional way movies and normal videos are shot.
  • How can I get good audio for my video?
    By far the best way to get good audio is to be as close as you can to your subject or use an external mic that plugs into your iPad or computer. AU CIDL offers microphones that can be checked out just like a library book. Click here to see those available resources. Also, check out the Audio Guide for tips and tricks on working with audio of all kinds.
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